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Hallar Company is a family owned company with a strong international 

projection, which has specialized in the commercialization of food products since 1990 and it has been working actively next to the production sector, since then it has had a constant presence and has managed to become one of the world's leading companies in the food processing industry.

Our aim is to be a reliable supplier in the searching of special products from all around the world and offering our clients accurate information. 

This allows them to find the best business opportunities by assuring quality at competitive prices.

Our producer-customer relationship is based on spirit of collaboration and on being transparent on the search for fruitful and long-term businesses.

Hallar Company is also the agent and dealer of several Argentinian brands in the Middle East.

-We supply a wide range of food products:

-Fruit and vegetables products: frozen, aseptic, precooled and cans for industrial, catering and retail use.

-Grains, Legumes and Beans from Argentine and from others Origins

-Natural Honey from all over the world, 

for Industrial and retail

We have production in Argentina, Chile, Spain, Morocco, Colombia , Ecuador, Thailand  and United States and we source raw materials

from many other origins like South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

"Our goal is to continue growing, and we believe that the future looks unbeatable”

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