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Hallar Company is one of the Largest Producer & Exporter of High Quality Organic & Conventional Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Purees/Puree Concentrates and NFC Fruit Juices, Blends & Compounds, Fruit Preparations, Fruit cells, Fruit Dices & Slices, Fruit peels, Essential oils and Dried orange peel.
A Fully-Equipped Laboratory is also included in our production complex to perform all Physical, Chemical, 
Microbiological analysis to ensure the Highest Quality.
Based in Argentina, HALLAR COMPANY is ideally positioned to provide top quality South American raw materials as well as for tropical or special fruits from Ecuador, Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Spain among others. Our main activity is searching the best product from every origin for satisfying the requierements for all our customers. Only the best quality ingredients are used in our range of products. Grade A fruits are used in all the packs of IQF Fruits and the same quality fruit is used to prepare the excellent Fruit Purees.


Fruits Purees & Purees Concentrates: Apricot · Banana · Peach · Pear · Blueberry · Cranberry · Plum · Raspberry · Cherry · 
Strawberry · Pomegranate · Guava · Melon
Juice Concentrates: White & Red Grape · Mandarine · Lemon · Lime · Melon Green · Melon Orange · Pineapple · Blood Orange
Vegetable Purees: Carrot · Spinach · Broccoli · Onion · Red Pepper · Beetroot · Basil
Tomato Products: Tomato Paste · Tomato Souce · Ketchup · Pizza Sauce
Applications: Fruit Nectars · Baby Food · Dairy Products · Soups · Fruit Base Products · Tomato Soup · Smoothies · Jams · Ice creams Natural juices producers · Yoghurt and Dessert, etc. 
Wherever top quality fruits and purees are required “HALLAR COMPANY" will fit your needs.


Most of our products will be packed in Aseptic bags 55 gal (235 kg net aprox) in drums Orange, Lemon and Mandarin Juice Concentrate as well as Pineapple Juice concentrate will be delivered frozen from most of our sources. 
When required in aseptic packaging, origin has to be checked in advance.

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