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We are proud to represent Parodi Apicultura Group for the Islamic world. With headquarters in Argentina and own operations in Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy, Rumania, Ukraine, Uruguay and the US. Since 1918 Parodi Apicultura Group have been making their valued customers feeling safe when buying honey abroad as a world leading honey exporter.
With state of the art equipment they run one of the most modern honey processing plants worldwide to keep raw material characteristics intact when preparing  a tailor made blend along with our customers.
Parodi Apicultura Group manage a huge range of honeys from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania including homogenised batches, customer blends and monoflower honeys so we are your best choice when quality, true source and competitive prices is your target.


· Packed honey
In glass or plastic jars
28gm I 40gm I 120gm I 170gm I 250gm 280gm I 450gm I 500gm I 1000gm I 2500gm
· In 330kg drums



Since 2007 we are accumulating experience in our bulk honey processing operations, located in Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina and Vado Ligure, Italy. In each of these facilities, we have a 24 ton daily honey homogenization capacity.

We can deliver homogenized honey to the packers or to the industry in jars, buckets, drums, IBCs or tankers. In this way, we cooperate with our clients in order to reduce their quality control costs and develop together the formulas and mixtures of honey that better fit to the different likes and budgets.


Europe is the cradle of Apis mellifera, used to produce honey all around the world. With a production of about 350,000 tons of honey, the almost 600,000 European beekeepers are expert botanists, which allows them to produce a wide variety of monofloral honey that enriches our portfolio of products. 
With own offices in Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania and Ukraine, PARODI APICULTURA can guarantee competitive prices, real market and harvest data information, which are essential when making a purchase decision.



With almost 40% of the honey production worldwide, Asia is the origin of the most competitive honey in the world. Through a joint venture with one of the eldest exporters of honey in China, we can guarantee unbeatable prices and extremely strict quality controls.



With the introduction of Apis mellifera in the 19th century, the new world is an infinite source of quality honey, and cradle of beekeepers who make the productive technology and abundant natural resources their main allies. 
With own operations in Brazil, Chile, the US, Uruguay and its heart in Argentina, PARODI APICULTURA is a tireless promoter of the virtues of American honey.


The development of a modern beekeeping in Australia, main producer of eucalyptus honey in the world, and the applied 
investigations in New Zealand, cradle of the famous Manuka honey, convert this floating continent into a resource that PARODI APICULTURA provides to all its clients who require premium products.



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